Impressions from Centro Histórico de Estepona, Spain

Street in Estepona with yellow pots of plants

Old Town Charms

Recently, my family went on vacation in Europe, during which we also spent a week in Spain. Our main destination was Marbella but someone we met suggested checking out the Centro Histórico de Estepona, and so we did. Let me tell you, I’m so glad made the trip out! Estepona’s town centre wasn’t as crowded as Marbella’s. On the whole, the vibe felt a lot more local and less transient. Only thing is that you do need to know some Spanish to get around because not many speak English but in my books, that’s actually a draw — less tourist crowds to battle through.

By and large, I’m not a big fan of city living, especially not in high density areas. Yes, there are many conviniences and it’s easy to get around but I like peace and quiet. Sadly, no matter how green a city Singapore is, it’s basically an urban jungle. That’s why I’m always excited to seek out nature on my travels. However, I make an exception for old town quarters. I adore the charm and and intrigue their histories and architectures hold and love wandering aimlessly among their streets.

Taking in the Colours of Centro Histórico de Estepona

Anyway, the old town quarters are very well kept and filled with rows of pots of plants and flowers. We even found murals with musical compositions surrounded by even more pots of plants. Just walking along their streets infects you with good cheer! Of course, I took my camera along, so here are my impressions from Centro Histórico de Estepona.

Yellow painted buildings in Centro Histórico de Estepona
From the main street outside the Centro Histórico de Estepona
Staircase in Old Town of Estepona
We weren’t prepared for stairs but yay for pedestrian shortcuts
Street in Estepona with blue pots of plants
Every street has its own colour scheme; here the flower pots and facade accents are all blue
Walking along the streets of Estepona
I must’ve stopped to admire every plant, while my family marched on
Ripe fruits on an orange tree
There were loads of orange trees too
Typical terraced house entrance in Estepona
Even though I like minimalist decor, I think the entrances to these Spanish terraced houses feel very welcoming
Light blue pots and plants in Estepona
Light blue colour scheme
Church Tower in Estepona
One of several Catholic churches
Flowers outside Orchidarium Estepona
Rows of flowers outside the Orchidarium Estepona
Old town of Estepona set against a mountain
The mountains around Estepona create a microclimate that ensure lots of sunshine all year round
Wall of colourful pots of plants in Estepona
Mural brightly decorated with a mix of colourful pots of flowers and plants
Entrance to terraced house
Some street corners form little squares for residents to meet and mingle with one another
Hibiscus tree in bloom
Hibiscus tree in bloom

As you can see, the Centro Histórico de Estepona is extremely colourful! Evidently, the locals take great pride in making it as beautiful as can be. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time that I was there and I can’t wait to return in future.

What are some of your favourite old towns that you recommend visiting?

xo Sefina

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