Review Policy

Requests for Product Reviews

My personal interests besides reading lie in photography, baking, cooking, sports, and simple living. If you’d like me to review a product that is related to these, I’d love to hear from you. Please note that I reside in Singapore. To get in touch, submit the contact form or email me directly with your pitch.

Requests for Book Reviews

I am currently open to review requests. Before pitching your book, please read through the following guidelines. Review requests that fall outside of my preferred scope will be ignored and deleted.

Types of Books

The types of books I accept for review include fiction and non-fiction. I do read plays and poetry, but I do not accept them for review.

General Fiction

  • Women’s fiction
  • Magical realism
  • Literary fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Humour

Young Adult Fiction

  • Contemporary fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Mystery
  • Science fiction (excluding space operas)

Note: I rarely read horror, paranormal fiction and thrillers.


  • Food (general interest)
  • Recipe books
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle / self-help
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy (general interest)
  • Blogging & social media

Preferred Formats

  • Bound book (ARC or finished copy)
  • Ebook for fiction (ePub or Kindle format)
  • PDF for non-fiction
  • Audiobook (finished version only)

Accepted Sources

At the moment I only accept review copies from publishers or their distributors. I will not accept requests from vanity presses and self-published authors. While I do read indie books, I prefer to rely on personal recommendations from friends.

What to Expect

Turn-Over Time

Generally it takes me 1–2 months from the date of receiving a review copy to post my book review. If the publication date is later than that, then I aim to post it within two weeks before or after the book releases.

How I Will Publicise Your Book

Besides posting a book review here on the blog, I will post two to three photos with the book on Instagram as @madeofmint.

After I finish reading a book, I will also post initial thoughts on Goodreads. I will not cross-post book reviews from the blog to Goodreads.

When the book review goes live on the blog, I will also tweet about it together with the link as @madeofmint.

What if I Don’t Enjoy Your Book?

Regardless of where I obtain a book from, I share my honest opinions. This means that I cannot guarantee a positive review. By submitting a review request you acknowledge that I may post a positive or negative review at my own discretion.

How to Submit a Review Request?

You may submit via the contact form or email me directly.