Where the Mountains Meet the Mediterranean

View towards Gibraltar from H10 Estepona Palace hotel | madeofmint.net

A few days ago, I shared my impressions from Estepona’s old town. I love how bright and colourful it is but what what really rounded up my experience of Estepona was that here, the mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea. This little town is surrounded by nature, so there’s always somewhere to go for some respite.

Sierra Blanca Mountain Range Protects from Extreme Weather

Both Marbella and Estepona benefit from being surrounded by mountains and the Mediterranean Sea which create a microclimate in their locales. They are protected from extreme weather conditions, so the temperatures are relatively mild all year round compared to the rest of Spain. That’s a major benefit when the mountains meet the Mediterranean. Even better: the sun shines more than 300 days a year, so they’re wonderful travel destinations regardless of the season.

Beaches or Mountains?

That’s often a question when deciding on the next holiday destination. If you can’t decide, are happy with either or seek both, Málaga‘s a great province. I love contemplating the open sea as much as the vastness of mountains. What’s more important to me is to be able to take them in away from massive crowds. I’m glad we did manage to get that in May, where it was possible to walk long distances along the coast without stumbling over sunbathers.

There’s just so much more space to breathe, to appreciate and contemplate the plants, the rocks, the animals, the waters, etc, and to appreciate just how amazing our earth really is. With that in mind, I’m sharing more photos from Estepona and also Marbella.

Mountain La Concha overlooking Marbella
Mountain La Concha overlooking Marbella on one side, while the Mediterranean Sea is on the other
Coastline along Estepon
Spanish Mediterranean coastline
Blue jacaranda tree in bloom in Marbella
Blue jacaranda tree in bloom in Marbella
Branch of blue jacaranda tree in bloom
Blue jacaranda flowers blooming on a tree branch
Estepona beachfront into the distance
Estepona’s beaches span over 20km
Sailboat on the Mediterranean
Water sports, like sailing, are very popular in Estepona
View from beach at H10 Estepona Palace hotel
View from Estepona towards the east of the Mediterranean coast
Couple walking along the sea set against Gibraltar
View from Estepona towards the west of the Mediterranean coast with Gibraltar in sight
Mountain view from Estepona
Looking up to the mountains
Rooftops of H10 Estepona Palace hotel
Rooftops of H10 Estepona Palace hotel right at the Mediterranean Sea
Jetty on the Mediterranean Sea
Jetty on the Mediterranean Sea
Part of palm tree set against the sea
Palm trees in Estepona reminded me of the tropics, albeit with cooler spring temperatures
Sandy beach with palm trees in Estepona
Naturally, the sandy beaches attracted more people than the pebble beaches

So, do you prefer to travel to places with beaches or with mountains? // ¿Prefieres viajar a lugares con playas o con montañas?

xo Sefina

Where the Mountains Meet the Meditarranean in Estepona | madeofmint.net